Will it be a Boy or a Girl? The Manzanita Community Weighs In

Not one to miss an educational opportunity, 6th Grade Math and Science teacher Annie Malekzadeh invited the Manzanita community to participate in a statistics project to guess the gender of her baby.

Mrs. Malekzadeh thought it would make a great community project, “since everyone seems to have an opinion one way or another!”

She began by creating a survey to collect data on a variety of questions, ending with the big question: Do you think the baby is a boy or a girl? Survey results are posted now awaiting the reveal, which is anticipated for later this spring (hopefully accompanied by cake).

The votes are in! Manzanita is anticipating a girl.

Before the reveal, however, 6th Grade students will incorporate the survey data in a statistics project focused on collecting and interpreting data, and basic graphing skills.

Survey questions included:

  • Mrs. Malekzadeh has been craving steak, mangoes, and ice cream. Which gender do you think these cravings indicate?
  • Craving additional protein like steak, or chicken likely indicates that the baby will be a….
  • Based on the shape of Mrs. Malekzadeh’s midsection, do you think the baby will be a …

The community is invited to the gender reveal party right after school on May 31. Stop by for some cake!


Photos: Annie Malekzadeh

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