Manzy 8th Graders Prepare for DC

Expanding Student Perspective

In just a few days, six of our graduating Mustangs will embark on a journey across the country to our nation’s capital. In partnership with Educations First, our Mustangs will explore Washington, D.C. through guided tours, museum and monument visits, and a behind-the-scenes look into our government.

While this trip is typically organized by a Social Studies teacher, our Math teacher will accompany students for the second year in a row. Mr. Umaña believes that gravelling expands students’ perspectives on what is possible and that this translates into benefits in all subject areas. (He is also really excited to visit the National Air and Space Museum!)

Students report great curiosity about the Legends of Alexandria Ghost Tour and wonder what awaits them. We’ll let you know what ghostly things they encounter and more when they return from spring break!



Image: Manzy 8th Graders in Washington, D.C. 2016. Credit: Ernesto Umaña.

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