The Wait is Over

Students, families, teachers, and staff gathered last week for Mrs. Malekzadeh’s big gender reveal moment.

Mrs. Malekzadeh kept the school community guessing throughout the winter and spring, using her pregnancy as an opportunity to engage students in a school-wide statistics project.

On Wednesday the wait came to an end. Students entered the gym to find a box suspended from the ceiling. Everyone arrived and settled in. Anticipation grew as Mrs. Malekzadeh pulled first one ribbon from the box, and then another. Frustrated, she grabbed all of the remaining ribbons and gave a hefty pull, but a malfunction prevented the box from opening.

Will it be a boy or a girl?

Luckily,  Mr. C stepped in to pull the one final remaining ribbon and was immediately drenched in fine blue confetti. Several students (and some teachers) rushed in to play and jump in the blue cascade.

It’s a boy!


Ms. Adriana’s contribution to the reveal event

After school, Manzy teachers gathered for a “staff meeting”, the goal of which was to give Mrs. Malekzadeh a surprise baby shower. Things didn’t go exactly to plan there either, as you can see in the video below.

Overall, however, the statistics project and gender reveal celebrations brought the community together in new ways.

Manzy wishes the very best to Mrs. Malekzadeh and her family.

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